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2012-09-26 08:45:36 by Methreee

SquidFurnace is my new NG account. Please redirect all questions about renting squid furnaces to that account.


2011-09-20 23:01:29 by Methreee

I still got the running and will be using that for my hip hop stuff
and now I have for all things dubstep.

Show some love!


2010-09-05 22:05:59 by Methreee

Check out the I keep it up to date more than NG.


2010-06-23 23:07:54 by Methreee

making beats are a breeze now.

methree on youtube

2009-04-21 00:20:09 by Methreee

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2009-01-09 04:00:59 by Methreee

Niiiice, I just got FL studio 8 and I've been starved of beats for a while. Already making funky shit.

Things are smoothing out.

2008-12-17 04:08:38 by Methreee

My finals are almost done, the pressures and stress are almost done. I get to look forward to my mom finding out I failed english. Shouldn't be fun.

My friend said he's got some studio stuff for me so I can get back to producing. Hopefully I'll get those soon.
Well, I guess while I'm up at 1 in the morning I'll devour some tree.


2008-12-09 19:59:28 by Methreee

So right now my FL is BROKEN!
So I'm going to try and reinstall everything on my computer, but before that I want to back up my files. But I have NOTHING to back up on. So I'm waiting until Christmas so I can get some blank CD's to back up everything on, then reboot and hope that it works again. Until then I've been making tunes in the trial version of FL8.
The spongy series (part 1-3) are the product of having nothing but the trial version. So check those out I guess...and enjoy. Oh and since I can't save, I can only export I've had Spongy open for over a week, so that I don't lose it haha.

Been working away at it.

2008-11-10 05:42:22 by Methreee

I've got at least 30 unfinished tracks, a lot of which are my favorites and I'm just trying to perfect them before releasing them. I've noticed a change in my style lately, I've been going for heavy dubstep bass, and well trying dubstep. Not trying to drift away from hip hop though, just going for a whole new sound in hip hop. I'm also taking a class on Digital Performer and Reason, but I still don't like them as much as FL studio, and I keep learning new tricks in FL, so it's hard to make the transision when I can't manipulate sounds as much in the newly learned programs.
Also, if you know any legit soundfonts or VSTs for FL, please let me know, I'm always looking for a new sound.

Keep watching.

My first dj mix

2008-07-09 18:39:36 by Methreee

So I recorded my first mixtape today. It's a 33 min Drum N Bass mix, and I produced the first track, but it's not finished yet.

Also it's my first mix, so it's not very good mixing wise, and I fuck up terribly at the end and other times too.
So download it.