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That was really gay.

But that's what you were going for, right?

RobbyD responds:

yes of course lol

Pendulum for the win.

+ points for using Pendulum!
But other than that, this flash was just leading to something else, not very good on its own.

XxGreenxX responds:

...I -(

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It was fun

I gave it a 3 because at first it was nothing new or interesting. Then I liked the idea of upgrading your planet.
But the difficulty slope was too easy then suddenly lvl 10 got hard. And I don't think many people would have the patience to play to level 10. And then level 14 got too hard to complete, so what I'm saying is lvl 10 should be around lvl 4 or 5 because those first levels were too easy. Also you should include a way to purchase more stuff like a shop, and make it accessible after each level, because I noticed if I hadn't bought the laser at whatever level that was, there was no option for me to buy it later.

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Lucy88 responds:

Thanks for your review.
You must get sufficient points to get the upgrade.
The game may be made more difficult but players may then get frustrated instead of getting bored.

way too hard to control

the plane automatically goes up and down across half the damn screen. So no point in trying to control it, I'll just shoot a bunch.....at the ninjas.......who I cant seem to hit because I'm constantly going up and fucking down.

Has A LOT of potential

But you need to be able to move faster. I stopped when I got the key on level two, I didn't want to have to go all the way back at the slow pace that you move at.

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so dope.
mad props.

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Crueltool responds:

Much thanks dude!!

haha nice flows

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chillin n i should be sleepin. nailed it.

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